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Randolph Academy Terms & Conditions 

Please note Randolph Academy reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any stage. By enrolling in the Randolph Academy Camps or Goalkeeper Academy, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the academy. 


Eligibility & Acceptance into Randolph Academy:

Randolph Academy accepts children aged 6-16.  Both boys and girls are eligible to join the Academy. The Goalkeeper Academy cannot accept children who are under the age of 6 or over the age of 16 for insurance reasons. The academy is divided into two sectors.  The Goalkeeper Academy and The Randolph Camps. It is required that children who wish to join the Goalkeeper Academy, registers for 12 months and attends on a weekly basis. This agreement can be cancelled at any time - further information on enrollment and terms can be found below. 

Fees, Registration & Refunds:

Randolph Goalkeeper Academy Registration Fee:

There is an annual, non-refundable fee of €25 to join the Randolph Goalkeeper Academy.  Included in the cost is insurance and administration for 12 months. There may also be made available throughout the year, discount codes and other perks which vary from time to time. This fee is non-refundable if a player cancels their weekly sessions with the academy. 

This fee can be paid online at

A child may sign up for the weekly sessions and attend for up to 4 weeks before the registration fee is paid if the payee so wishes.  '

Once payment has been received online, a receipt will be issued by email. 


Every child is required to wear an academy kit to training comprising of a t-shirt & or half zip which can be purchased anytime in the first 4 weeks from Umbro 

Randolph Goalkeeper Academy Weekly Sessions Fees:

The Randolph Academy recognises the impact on families to have to pay up front sums for terms, for children's activities.  We have therefore presented the session payments in an ongoing, automated weekly format. 

To book onto the weekly sessions at your chosen venue and time go to Once your child is booked on to your chosen session a payment is taken automatically weekly ongoing. 

Weekly Fees:

  • €15 for Fundamentals (60 minutes) 

  • €15 for Development (60 Minutes) 

  • €20 for Development (90 Minutes) 

  • €30 for Elite (120 Minutes) 

Please note that Randolph Academy only accepts online payments.  No coach is equipped to or permitted to accept cash or other payments. If for any reason you have an issue making an online booking, please contact the team 

Weekly fees are ongoing and non-refundable. 


Cancellation by the payee for the academy can be made at any time by emailing with 14 days notice to cease attendance at the academy ongoing. The registration fee is non-refundable. 

If a player is unable to participate due to serious injury or illness, a medical certificate may be requested by Randolph Academy.  In such case payment for the academy will be paused for the duration.  

Pre-arranged holidays with 21 days notice to the academy are grounds for a payment pause, please email the academy team to give notice and the payments will be paused for the duration of holiday weeks advised. 

If a child misses or cannot attend a session for any other reason than stated above, no refunds will be given. This includes, but is not restricted to; family holidays, single absences, school exams or clashes with other activities.

Randolph Academy will automatically pause payments for payees under the following circumstances:

  • Cancellation of a session by the academy for any reasons including weather, lights, pitch issues, bank holidays or any other reason that may result in the session not being able to go ahead. 

As this is a manual process, if in the event that a payment is taken in error when it should have been paused for any of the reasons above, please email where a member of the team will refund and reverse this for you.  We thank you for your understanding in these cases. 

Except in the event of serious illness or injury, and not including cancelled sessions by the academy, the maximum amount of weekly payment pauses that can be made in a 12 month period is 6 by a single player. 

Payments may be missed from time to time which we understand can happen. In this event our automated payment system will automatically retry to collect payment.  This will continue for up to 30 days and failed collection of payment after 30 days will result in the automatic cancellation of the payment set-up by Stripe (payment provider). In this case the place of the player will be temporarily suspended until outstanding payments have been made.  If payment is not made and there has been no contact by the payee to the academy to address this within four weeks of the sessions, Randolph Academy reserves the right to cancel the players place at the academy. 

Each player is booked into a set weekly session, this is necessary in order to join the academy and book online.  It is permitted for any member of the academy to join in with another training session at another venue at no additional charge.  In order to participate in a subsequent session in a different venue, email and give at least 72 hours notice as we must ensure that the ratios are maintained at all times and in the event that we need to bring in another coach, a minimum of 3 days notice is required. 


Randolph Academy Seasonal Camps:

The academy runs camps in various venues all year round during school breaks & holidays.  Prices for camps will vary based on how many days a camp will be in a specific location. All payments & bookings for camps must be done online and places are subject to a first come first serve basis. Bookings can be made at 

Please note there is NO registration fee applicable to take part in the Randolph Academy camps. 

Cancellations will be accepted for camps up to 14 days before the start date and time and a full refund will be given. 

If a player decides not to continue with the camp once the camp has started, no refunds will be issued. 

In the unlikely event that the weather forces the cancellation of the full week’s activities a full refund will be issued. If  the weather causes only partial cancellation of the week, no refund will be issued.


There is no option for part payment for camps where a player can only attend a preferred number of days or times. 

Where there is a free gift or merchandise included with the camps, they will be distributed to the players at any stage throughout the week.  If in the event, that the gift is not available or there is a shortage, the player will receive this at the earliest possible time following the camp. The parents will be advised and communicated with in this event. 

Randolph Academy cannot take responsibility for the weather affecting a camp going ahead or the playing conditions.  In the event that the weather deems a pitch or facility unplayable, the coaches will supervise the players appropriately until either coaching can commence again or a decision is made to cancel the camp for the rest of the day.  In this case all parents will be called and players supervised until each child can be collected. 

We understand that sometimes parents can be delayed in picking up a child from camp. If this happens we ask that parents make immediate contact with the academy when they know they will be late, so that we can make arrangements with the coach to supervise the child until an adult is available to collect the child.  After 20 mins, a fee of €10 per 15 mins of waiting becomes applicable to cover the cost of the hourly rate of the coach whom will wait with the child.  Please note that our insurance does not cover children on site after the finish time of the camp. 


The Role of Darren Randolph in the Randolph Academy:

Darren Randolph is the owner of Randolph Academy.  As a current Goalkeeper in the Premier League and also an Irish International Goalkeeper, his schedule is controlled 100% by his club and is subject to change at the last minute at the discretion of the manager.  On signing with his professional club, he undertakes a commitment to obey and honor all club & management rules and instructions and during the season this is his contractual obligation. When on international duty, given the short amount of training time the team has together, there is no option for Darren while at home for matches to leave the confines of the team environment at any stage, 24/7 without prior permission from the manager. As much as Darren would love to be able to make decisions to attend the sessions while back in Dublin for , this is not an option

Darren has involvements in every level of both the academy & camps as follows: 


The ethos & methodology coached through The Darren Randolph Goalkeeper Academy is Darren's vision for developing goalkeepers for the demands of the modern game and with this he oversees and decides on the programs designed & executed across our Fundamentals, Development & Elite Groups in Ireland. 

Darren has helped us create a coach avatar that we adhere to when recruiting and contracting coaches on behalf of the academy to ensure standards are met. 

Although Darren’s schedule can often be non flexible, he will attend the academy at every possible opportunity. Showing up to the sessions, coaching at the venues and mentoring goalkeepers attending his academy whilst there. 


The Randolph Academy Camps run at various times throughout the year and Darren makes efforts to make an appearance where possible. Through both the playing season & pre-season this can often be difficult and we make no guarantees of Darrens attendance at camps due to changes in schedule last minute. 

Medical Consent:

All players for both the Goalkeeper Academy and the Randolph Camps must fill out an online registration form which can be accessed at  On this form there is a section for Medical Notes, and we ask that all valid information on a child's medical history or conditions be included here. By submitting this you are agreeing to your child being given medical treatment by first aid by a qualified person on site or a doctor / medical professional.  You also consent to your child being taken to hospital or a local medical centre in the event of an emergency. We also reserve the right to refuse an application based on medical information that you include on the registration form. If at any stage your child's medical information changes it is the parents responsibility to inform the Randolph Academy by email  It is the responsibility of the parents to disclose all medical information to the academy.


All Randolph Academy venues will be covered by Public Liability Insurance but not for Personal Accidents.  

Randolph Academy Kit:

The Academy expects that all players attend the academy in the Randolph Academy Training Kit.  This kits is provided as part of the Registration fee (see registration fee above). Players are permitted to wear their own kits until the registration fee is paid in full (within the first 4 weeks) and during the time players are waiting to receive their kits from the academy.  Outside of this it is part of the Academy rules that all players attend in the appropriate kit. 

Player Conduct:

Misbehaviour and bullying may result in expulsion from the Randolph Academy.  No player may leave the pitch, area or arena without the prior permission and/or prior consent of a parent or guardian to the management of the academy.  This is in the interest of health and safety for the player, coaching staff and other players. Players must respect and follow all instructions of the coaching team. If for any reason a child is asked to leave the training session for bad behaviour or breaking the rules, the parent will be called to come and collect the child and an explanation from the coaching staff to the parents will be provided in full.  The Randolph Academy follows the structure of a professional academy environment and it is a disciplined and structured environment focused on learning and having fun in the process.  All players are bound to respect the rules, the coaches, the venue facilities and the other players at all times. 

Photographic & Video Permissions:

Images and Videos All players & coaches in Randolph Academy sessions may be used in photographic or video material for promotional purposes by Randolph Academy. If any child is under a court order or is in care of the HSE the parent/guardian must advise Randolph Academy of this in writing. If any parent/guardian does not want their child to be photographed or videoed by Randolph Academy for promotional purposes,  the parent or guardian must advise this in writing by email to  

Damages/Injuries/Loss of Possessions:

Randolph Academy will not be held responsible for damages, injuries or loss of possessions.  We always recommend that all valuables be left at home. The Randolph Academy is staffed by accredited UEFA Coaches appointed by the academy who will implement the highest safety measures at all times.

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