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Below is a form for you to complete related to the temporary closing of The Randolph Academy through Covid-19. If you could read the below options before completing the form, please.

​1. Offset Payments Against Summer Camp 2020. We have various venues to launch in Dublin & around Leinster. We will be launching these in late April and should you so wish and select this option we can offset any amount paid for Academy Sessions over the next few weeks that do not take place against the cost of attending any of our Summer Camp Venues.

2. Issue Credit on Account Once Academy Re-Opens. If your payments for the next number weeks go through, we will credit your account by two weeks once we re-open at the earliest possible time. So when we come back to weekly sessions, you will not be charged to your account for the next number of weeks until your credit runs out.

3. Refund / Pause Payments. In this case, we will refund any payments made for sessions not fulfilled within the earliest possible timeframe & pause the payments due to come out over the next few weeks.

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