At Randolph Academy, we run regular free trial sessions at our venues, so that kids can enjoy a session and get a feel for the academy, and parents can have the option to try out before committing!

Each venue has differing days & times in which we operate based on ages & ability, please see below to understand the day & time suited for your Goalkeeper's age: 

Fundamentals (Born 2010 - 2014)

Development (Born 2004 - 2009)

Elite (Invite Only)

** Once you complete the form below for a FREE Session, one of the team will reach out to you to confirm your attendance at the next available date for your selected venue. Also, please note each venue has a limit on the available places per group so there may not always be an available slot.

Maximum Numbers Per Session Based on Government Guidelines as of May 2021 is 15.

Invitations to FREE Session will be done on a week by week basis until each Group is at capacity.