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Darren Randolph Academy launches TWO prestigious Online Training Programs in Feb 2021 - 20% off!!

But FIRST - a message from Darren Randolph...

Lockdown is still looming even though we all wanted to believe 2021 would be a better year.. but we are all working together to get back on track and soon, players will be back on the training field, kids back out and about together again and that old favorite sound of sideline cheers and ref's whistles will a part of every day life once again.. but in the meantime we have to keep the faith and keep going. Darren Randolph sends this message to players young and old across Ireland and the world....

“It’s been a tough year for everyone, but I can really relate to being a kid and only wanting to be out playing football with friends, playing matches and that feeling of winning and making saves. Just remember this won’t last forever and you will be back playing football again with friends, and playing matches for your local team so stay ready. Make sure you get out and exercise every day, wherever you can & however you can practice the basics of goalkeeping, keep your mind sharp and your body game ready. It can be tough to do it on your own without friends but it will be worth it when you do and you return to football having improved, so stay ready. And I can’t wait to get back to Ireland to visit the academy venues when restrictions allow”


Get 20% off using code DR20

The Smart Player is an online training programme designed to improve any player’s technical ability along with their speed, awareness, strength & spatial awareness. Inside of this programme we will cover ball mastery to improve your first touch and also allow you become a smart player with your decision making. SAQ (Speed Agility & Quickness) is a key component of our programme to ensure you have a high level of technical ability in a fast paced environment to make SMART decision whilst improving your football intelligence What you'll get:

  • Head Coach instructor

  • 28 Videos



The 6 Yard Box

The 6 Yard Box is an online training programme for goalkeepers of all abilities. Designed to improve your confidence, decision making & positioning sense inside of your 6 yard box. Our home based programme can be completed without any assistance with key exercises delivered by our coaches to improve your awareness around the goal, your starting position, your diving technique, handling of the ball, body shape & strength. What you'll get:

  • 4 Instructors

  • 39 Videos



Bundle (The Smart Player & The 6 Yard Box)

Combining both the Smart Player with 6 Yard Box for an incredible bundle. What you'll get:

  • 5 Instructors

  • 53 Videos



Get 20% off using code DR20

For more information on our academy visit -

Due to the measures in place at the moment the academy sessions are closed until further notice however the online courses are open to all.


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