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Donegal to Dublin - Going all the way takes commitment of the highest level - NO excuses!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Meet Shane Adair

This lads Mam Michelle, drives him from Donegal to Dublin, every Monday night for a 2 hour session at the Randolph Academy. Shane is part of Randolph's ELITE Squad, a talented group of youth goalkeepers who strive for success in the game.

Shane plays with Dunkineely U16 Club squad in Donegal and in 2019, he made the Finn Harps U13 NL Squad under the management of Kevin Mc Hugh (Head Coach). He absolutely loved it and it helped that he had a great Goalkeeping Coach, Andrew Wilson whom helped him so much that year.

Understanding the commitment Shane had to make all year, and the intensity level they were at, his parents knew as well as he did that he just needed more help to go to the next level in his game.

Shane had been at the Darren Randolph Academy at Christmas 2018 for a 3 Day camp and felt he really learned a lot, the coaches were really good to him as he was from Donegal and they made him feel so welcome. This experience resonated with him and he had enjoyed it so much, he felt it would benefit him exceptionally, to go every week. At the time his schedule was so full between Soccer and Gaelic his parents couldn't manage it but the coaches had said at the time, the door is always open to give them a call if ever anything changes, we would love to have Shane part of the Academy.

Shane didn't make the U15 squad this year - the feedback was that he had things to improve on like focus for the full duration of game, communication to back 4, decision making on going short, slowing the match or starting a quick counter. His amazing Mam Michelle made contact with us and we were delighted to welcome Shane to attend a session in Dublin and see what he thought and take things from there .

Since November he has been going every week, driving from Donegal to Dublin and back, every Monday night - Now THAT is commitment to your goals.

"Nothing worth having comes easy"

"The Randolph Academy is helping Shane so much with the things he needs to improve on. It's a great 2hr session of intense training and help towards Shane's improvements in his Goalkeeping skills"

Michelle Bennett Adair

(The Amazing Dedicated Mam!!)

To find out more about The Darren Randolph Goalkeeper Academy Click Here

To find out more about The Darren Randolph Goalkeeper Academy Click Here

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